Work Comp Laws In Massachusetts

Workers Comp Laws in Massachusetts

If you suffer a work-related injury in the state of Massachusetts,you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits,although you might need to talk to workman's comp lawyer . In fact,to ensure employers are able to pay out benefits to employees who suffer workplace injuries,Massachusetts workers’ comp laws require all employers in the state to have workers’ compensation coverage. Below is some more information on this topic.

Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Claims

If you suffer a workplace injury in Massachusetts,the first thing you should do is seek medical treatment as soon as possible. To start the workers’ compensation process,you must inform your employer or supervisor,preferable in writing,about your work-related injury. After this,you have up to four years to file your workers’ compensation claim with your employer’s insurance carrier. Remember,under Massachusetts workers’ comp laws,employers must display the name and contact details of their workers’ comp insurance carriers. Your employer’s insurance company will process your claim and decide whether to accept or deny your claim. If your claim is accepted,you should receive your first workers’ comp benefits check within 14 days after your employer’s insurance carrier receives your medical report. On the other hand,if your claim is denied,you can request a formal hearing by the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents within 14 days of receiving the carrier’s decision.

Worker’s Comp Benefits in Massachusetts

Massachusetts workers’ comp benefits range from full coverage of all your medical expenses to financial assistance in the event you suffer a partial or permanent disability as a direct result of your work-related injury. The exact amount of money you can claim as benefits will largely depend on the extent of your injury. In other words,you will receive more money if you suffer a permanent disability than if you suffer a temporary disability.


Massachusetts workers’ comp law requires all employers in the state to have workers’ compensation coverage. The state of limitation of filing a workers’ compensation claim in Massachusetts is four years.

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